1703 | Digital art hub

Digital art hub

We bring together artists, brands and collectors sharing the same interest in new forms of artistic expression. Together, we conceive and produce ambitious projects, feeding on new technologies.

The atelier


We've developed our own work tools, including a plugin that was designed to speed up the production of animated 3D series. The features of the NFT4D plugin allow for an automatisation of the collection's exports from the C4D software, enabling control over the elements' rarity.


1703 guides artists in their research and entwined experiences with new technologies. We will soon introduce Collaiction, the first plateform dedicated to NFT collections made with artificial intelligence tools.


Our Unreal designers are developing virtual spaces able to host events or exhibitions.
Together with brands and artists, we create new areas of exchange and expression.


1703 was initiated by Géraldine Károlyi, founder of brand design agency 17mars, with a strong will to promote digital visual arts in their most innovating shapes. 1703 has an integrated team committed to the web3 revolution, cultivating for many years a network of digital artists in France and abroad.


“The designer is a full-blown investigator: we think, we experiment, our work only makes sense if it contributes to progress. And this quest cannot be achieved without the artist’s eye: his ability to break new ground and trigger new ideas sharpens our perception and stimulates our critical thinking. It allows us to define ourselves and truly exist in a society that needs to question its humanity, now more than ever; especially facing the tech growth, its impact on our occupations, on our habits and on the planet.

That’s why I decided to endow 17mars with a hub dedicated to digital arts: 1703.

We bring together artists based on the excellence of their work and the uniqueness of their message, regardless of their reputation. By connecting them to brands, we work together to spread the artistic culture that contributes to building a more enlightened world.

The challenge we face today is to choose what we want the world to look like in the near future, taking on board the full promise of the web3.”


Géraldine Károlyi