Pascal Boyart


Pascal Boyart


It was in the streets of Paris that Pascal Boyart began his artistic career. He was covering walls with murals inspired by great classic paintings which he interprets in the context of current political and social events. Starting in 2018, this pioneer of crypto-art overcomes the ephemeral nature of his work and the impossibility of selling them by making NFTs. Beyond their social message, his creations feature characters with expressive eyes, often adopting the features of certain loved ones of the artist or people who crossed his path.


Lady with Pomeranian


Lady with Pomeranian was originally an oil on canvas. The artist made seven series of NFTs out of it, each one augmented with a different special effect. The work is also inspired by two portraits of Leonardo da Vinci: The Lady with an Ermine and the Mona Lisa. The artist keeps the so-called “enigmatic” character of the latter’s smile intact and conceals clues in his work allowing those who are curious to decipher an enigma. Whoever finds it will receive the NFT 1/1 of the Lady with Pomeranian.